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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

1915 Erie Station, Chester’s Local History Museum Open 10 am - 2 pm Saturdays; 1 - 3 pm Sundays

June – October

19 Winkler Place, Chester, NY 10918 (gps coordinates: 41.3626°, -74.2702°)

Our mission is to promote the rich heritage of the Village and Town of Chester, New York through the acquisition, restoration and preservation of its historical places, documents and recordings of oral history; provide educational programs for school children, community organizations and all those individuals interested in local folklore and history; and exhibit collections of artifacts, pictures, newspapers and recorded oral histories to the general public.

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Maple Avenue School

The history and significance of the 1936 Maple Avenue School is available under Exhibits - Maple Ave School . A pamphlet is also available at the 1915 Erie Station Museum and other locations.

Maple Avenue Remembered | A Short Documentary

By Caleb Graver

A short documentary that delves into the rich nostalgia and historical value surrounding the old Chester High School on Maple Avenue in Chester, NY.  Discover the stories of former students, teachers, and administrators as they share their fond recollections of the school's glory days. Explore the architectural significance of the building as this documentary highlights its meaningful design, presenting it as an ideal candidate for redevelopment. Despite the challenging circumstances faced by the deteriorating structure, many community members are optimistic about witnessing a new chapter for the building, aiming to restore its initial purpose of serving the Chester community once again.

July 2, 2024: Orange County Legislature approves the purchase of the  Maple Ave. School from the Chester School District!