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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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Chester Farms, Farmers, etc.

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Updated 2015-06-26.

Husking Bee on the Chester Meadows (aka Blackdirt). Circa 1904. chs-001321
Working the Chester Meadows. Undated.
Brook View Farm of W. A. Lawrence, one fourth mile north of West Chester, on the Goshen Road. Circa 1895. chs-005418
Brookview Farm (Harry & Dottie Talmadge). 1982 chs-001066
Brook Farm Stables. 1917 chs-000669
James S. (Budd) Murray in Horse Racing attire. Photo believed taken at Richard Delafield's Brook Farm race. Budd later became superintendent of Brook Farm. 11/7/1914 chs-001572
11/7/1914 Horse Racing Matinee at Richard Delafield’s Brook Farm. chs-001571
“Working Out” at Brook Farm, Chester, N.Y. Circa 1920. chs-001325
Battiato barn showing onion crates and trucks. 1992. chs-001387
Aerial view of the Durland Farm with Lawrence house in background behind trees.
Cream Cheese factory ruins and chimney to right of Lawrence house. Storage barn across Goshen Road. Circa 1950 chs-003314
Kenneth Green Farm on West Ave. 1960s. chs-005525
Article about Guy Miller's Breeding Establishment (Greycourt Stock Farm) appearing in the March, 1876 issue of Wallace’s Monthly. chs-015011
Greycourt Stock Farm, Guy Miller, proprietor. Circa 1908. chs-001262
George Holbert Farm, Sugar Loaf. Circa 1910 chs-006590
Aerial view of The Laroe Sawmill, Sugar Loaf. 1963 chs-006570
Receipt Book of Misters Marvin & Helm farming activities from Sept. 24, 1811 to March 5, 1863. The site is now part of Camp LaGuardia. chs-008157
Orange County Post article featuring Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Prosser's Orange County Poultry Farm on the Florida Road - Thursday, March 22, 1956. chs-006498
6567 CHS Scott's Poultry Farm.jpg
Thad Mapes' Sunnyvale Farm on Lazy Hill Road - now part of Goosepond State Park. Circa 1963 chs-008287
Walter John Szulwach Onion Crate. Circa 1960. chs-013997
Westchester Hill's Farm, Route 94 - Chester, N. Y. ad. Circa 1990. ch-001322.