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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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2017 Society Photos

Images in chronological order.

Updated 2017-012-12

Annual meeting refreshments 2017-01-14 IMG_4725.JPG
Leslie chatting with Judy , our newest member, at annual meeting 2017-01-14 IMG_4726.JPG
Lady's Waiting room Jan 29, 2017. May 6, 2017 (Leslie Smith photo) IMG_4862.jpg
Leslie photographing Lady's Waiting room Jan 29, 2017 IMG_4852.jpg
Rob hanging an exhibit panel May 5, 2017. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09089.jpg
Rob & Clif hanging an exhibit panel May 5, 2017. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09072.jpg
Clif adjusting an exhibit panel May 5, 2017. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09066.jpg
Rob hanging an exhibit panel May 5, 2017. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09064.jpg
Clif holding an exhibit panel May 5, 2017. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09057.jpg
Clif attaching exhibit panel wires May 5, 2017. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09051.jpg
Rob & Bill hanging an exhibit panel May 5, 2017. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09048.jpg
Rob hanging an exhibit panel May 5, 2017. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09046.jpg
President Bill supervising exhibit installation May 5, 2017 (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09043.jpg
Leslie planted, then watering porte-cochère geraniums. May 5, 2017 (Bill Schilling) DSC09040.jpg
Porte-cochère geraniums on opening day. May 6, 2017 IMG_5364.jpg
Norma checking out one of the displays and, as always, spiffing up the place! May 6, 2017 IMG_5353.jpg
Ginny caught photographing Rob, Lynn, Annie & Georgina: opening day Yard Sale pricing crew! - May 6,2017 IMG_5373.jpg
Yard sale donation arriving May 6, 2017 DSC09103.jpg
Annie & Lynn showing off two yard sale items that they priced today: May 6, 2017 (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09116.JPG
Model RR is always a hit! May 6, 2017 IMG_5371.jpg
The Mahmood family checking out the frieght scale. They declared it accurate! May 6, 2017 (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09105.jpg
Ginny, Anna, Alia, Aisha (hidden) & Debby-Lu admiring the exhibit. May 6, 2017 (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09093.jpg
Norma and Rosemary discussing the circa 1915 dress loaned to the exhibit by the Warwick Historical Society. May 6, 2017 IMG_5370.jpg
2017 Yard Sale Flyer
While setting up, Setting up., Rob and Alan spot tripod mount brass telescope. 2017-06-10 IMG_0055.jpg
Marcia finds the prefect basket 2017-06-10 IMG_0054.jpg
Carole showing off vintage record player. 2017-06-10 IMG_0052.jpg
The Village wide Yard Sale brought a lot of people to Chester! 2017-06-10 (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09534.jpg
(Leslie Smith photo) DSC09525.jpg
(Leslie Smith photo) DSC09524.jpg
(Leslie Smith photo) DSC09518.jpg
Judy & Marion manning cashier station #1. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09514.jpg
Georgina assist shoppers 2017-06-10 (Leslie Smith photo) DSC09512.jpg
Gary, Debby, Georgina and Edna manning the Chester Historical Society booth at the Music Festival 2017-08-12.
Penny Social Flyer 2017.
All is ready. Georgina Robillard Photo. 2017-09-08. 20170908_193113.jpg
Doors open! . Leslie Smith Photo. 2017-09-08. DSC00264.jpg
Calling begins. Georgina Robillard Photo. 2017-09-08. 20170908_193529-1.jpg
Georgina preparing tea. Leslie Smith Photo. 2017-09-08. DSC00260.jpg
A happy winner! Georgina Robillard Photo. 2017-09-08. 20170908_193210.jpg
Susan calls a winner. Leslie Smith Photo. 2017-09-08. DSC00318.jpeg
Carefully checking a winning ticket before delivering the prize. Leslie Smith Photo. 2017-09-08. DSC00344.jpeg
Caller Cindy with her assistant, young Mr. Miller. Leslie Smith Photo. 2017-09-08. DSC00331.jpeg
Laurie hauls her winnings out. Leslie Smith Photo. 2017-09-08. DSC00417.jpeg
2017 tree lighting & parade flyer
E.J., Norma, Sheila and Lynn enjoy conversations before the parade started. (Leslie Smith photo) 2017-12-10 DSC00942
Song of the Valley Sweet Adelines preforming/warming up in the Station before venturing outside. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC00947.jpg
The Held Family model train setup is always a hit with all ages. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC00950.jpg
Admiring the Vadala Family Hess Truck display. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC00953.jpg
A few of the Girls Scouts Troop 302 of Chester on thier float. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC00992.jpg
Parade and crowd under the lights in front of the 1915 Erie Station (Leslie Smith photo) DSC00976.jpg
Lots of cookies and hot coco dispensed under the Station's porte-cochère. (Leslie Smith photo) DSC00969.JPG
Mary warming up in the Ladies' Waiting Room (Leslie Smith photo) DSC00956.jpg