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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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Chester rich mucklands or black dirt, as it is locally known has supported a thriving produce industry since before the Civil War. Click here to browse additional Chester produce items in New York Heritage.

Chester Produce Growers Association building with trucks. Circa 1920. chs-005841
Produce Building, former Wearhouse Outlet. 1992. chs-003790
LaBate & Cavallaro Produce Crate Stencil. Circa 1925. chs-014990
Produce Grower Trucking Association Truck. Circa 1920. chs-007653
The Produce Growers’ Trucking Association Stock Certificate. May 12, 1920. chs-004871
Joe Battiato Barn behind Produce Store, Greycourt Ave., Chester, NY. 1992. chs-001389