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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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Chester's Banks, money, documents, images, etc.

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Updated 2015-06-07

The Chester Bank Cashiers check dated 5-20-1854. chs-007437
Cornelius H. Demerest's Chester Bank book-cover. April 24, 1860 through April 1, 1864 chs-005758
Cornelius H. Demerest's Chester Bank book - April 24, 1860 through April 1, 1864. chs-005758
THE CHESTER BANK $5 note, April 13, 1862. chs-000001
The Chester National Bank check. 1865-12-25. chs-007438
Will Boin, standing. Seated: Melvin R. Wilkin, Will Christy, Fred Wilkin. Photograph taken in front of the old bank building on Main Street in downtown Chester. Bank Street on right.
Circa 1900. chs-003666.jpg
Photograph by R.P. Conklin of “Steps of Old Bank Buillding Garden Plot. Note boy sitting on wall. Circa 1900. chs-000112
Chester National Bank sight draft to pay a railroad waybill. Oct 9, 1905 chs-008052
1925 photograph of young Nan Wilkin on Main Street in downtown Chester, with old Chester National Bank building in the background. She married Vince Gallo and operated Gallo's Cozy Corner Restaurant in West Chester for 26 years until her retirement in 1985.
Chester National Bank canvas bag with drawstring closure for transporting coin and currency to and from the bank.
1900?-1940? chs-013572.jpg
Coin bank: Celebrating Our 125th Anniversary, 1845-1970, Chester National Bank.
1970. chs-009788.jpg
Ellenville National Bank in Quickway Plaza. Early 1990s. chs-001448
Key Bank on Brookside Ave (Rt 17M). Early 1990s. chs-001451