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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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2013 Society Photos

Images in chronological order.

Updated 2015-05-31.

2013-01-13 Annual Meeting Flyer.
2013-01-13 Richard Jennings ‘s great-great-grandson, Phil Enriguez, left, discussed the case with Renee, center, and Michael Worden, right. IMG_0083.jpg
2013-01-13 Michael Worden gave an excellent presentation on the 1818 Sugar Loaf murder of Richard Jennings. IMG_0086.jpg
2013-01-13 IMG_0088.jpg
2013-05-02 Rob cleaning the Station's gutters. IMG_2221.jpg
2013-05-04 "Those Who Served" recruitment flyer featuring John Fratto.
2013-05-04 "Those Who Served" flyer featuring Lou DeLuca's Vietnam jungle boots.
2013-05-04 Brigadier Gen. Eliot S. Hermon speaks at the Erie Station's opening day program. IMG_1506.jpg
2013-05-04 Opening Ceremonies, at the flag. P1000083.jpg
2013-06-08 Setting up. (Larry) Yard Sale. IMG_2658.jpg
2013-06-08 Setting up. (Norma) Yard Sale. IMG_2660.jpg
2013-06-08 Setting up. (Ronnie, Debby in background) Yard Sale. IMG_2663.jpg
2013-06-08 Setting up. (Marion & Cindy) Yard Sale. IMG_2665.jpg
2013-06-08 Setting up. (Ed & Norma) Yard Sale. IMG_2675.jpg
2013-06-08 Ready to open the 2013 Yard Sale! IMG_2681.jpg
2013-06-08 Yard Sale. IMG_2682.jpg
2013-06-08 Yard Sale. IMG_2683.jpg
2013-06-08 Checking out the L&HRR steam engine bell. Yard Sale. IMG_2687.jpg
2013-06-08 Debby, Cindy, Ginny & Leslie behind bars (of Ticket Agent's Window) Yard Sale. IMG_2690.jpg
2013-06-08 Yard Sale. IMG_2691.jpg
2013-06-08Yard Sale. IMG_2692.jpg
2013-06-08 Yard Sale. IMG_2694.jpg
2013-06-08 Checking artwork at the Yard Sale. IMG_2695.jpg
2013-06-08 Ginny, Marion, Leslie, Ed & Debby in Ticket Agent's office. Yard Sale. IMG_2696.jpg
2013-06-09 Village of Chester Farmers Market Sign. 053013.jpg
2013-06-09 Carole setting up the Society’s Farmers' Market table! Stop in and say hello! IMG_2705.jpg
2013-06-09 Norma at our Farmers' Market booth. IMG_0006.jpg
2013-06-09 Norma with Right from the Hive’s Kerri-Ann Farmers' Market booth. IMG_0008.jpg
2013-06-09 Sleepy Hills Orchard Farmers' Market booth. IMG_0012.jpg
2013-06-09 New York Pickle Man Farmers' Market booth. IMG_0016.jpg
2013-06-09 Chester Farmers Market. IMG_2706.jpg
2013-06-09 Chester Farmers Market IMG_2709.jpg
2013-06-18 CIA Trip flyer.
2013-06-18 Chester Historical Soc. tour group in front of Roth Hall at CIA. IMG_2066.jpg
2013-06-18 Ginny getting her final pictures and my final picture as well, by Debby.jpg
2013-06-18 Great bus, by Debby.jpg
2013-06-18 Gretchen, Marie, Rose, Pat, Sita, and Judy-obscured. IMG_2131.jpg
2013-06-18 I told you to order more fondant. IMG_2091.jpg
2013-06-18 Red hat ladies were part of the CHS tour. IMG_2126.jpg
2013-06-18 Returned to Chester.
2013-06-18 Ronnie, Judy & Debby.jpg
2013-06-18 Rose, Rita & Bill waiting to be seated.
2013-06-18 Seated.
2013-06-18 Students getting instructions before we were seated.
2013-06-18 Debby's Warm Lava Cake Cut Open.
2013-06-18 We are seated.
2013-06-18 Who could say no to LavaCake Jack on the left is our Bus Driver Larry as you can see is enjoying his cake.
2013-06-27 Paul O.'s RR date nail collection donation being proceeded. IMG_2887.jpg
2013-07-03 July business meeting: Debby presiding, Rob, Ronnie, Larry, Gary, Edna & Carole. IMG_3050.jpg
2013-07-16 Village of Chester Historian, Lorraine & Ronnie working in the office above Village Hall. IMG_3195.jpg
2013-09-04 September business meeting: Bill, Edna, Gary, Rob, Ginny, Norma and Debby presiding. IMG_3613.jpg
2013-09-04 Chester Tiger Troop 65 Visits Station. IMG_3610.jpg
2013-09-04 Chester Tiger Troop 65 moms Visits Station. IMG_3608.jpg
2013-09-04 Chester Tiger Troop 65 signin.IMG_3607.jpg
2013-09-04 Chester Tiger Troop 65 checkout the telegraph practice key & sounder. IMG_3605.jpg
2013-09-14 Lifshiltz Flyer.pdf
2013 tree lighting rs.pdf
2013-11-14 Jim, Bill & Ronnie plan tree light layouts. IMG_4275.JPG
2013-11-14 Bill feeds lights unto Jim, in Greenwood Tree Service bucket. IMG_4302.JPG