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Items of commerce in Chester.

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Updated 2015-06-07.

Barret Ames' Old Cotton Mill ruins, Craigsville, NY. Circa 1910. chs-008286
B. & J. Garage Blodder, 1948. chs-004081
B&J Garage Mile-dial calculator. 1954. chs-008784
Board & Bryan sold 3 tons of probably coal to Conklin & Roe. March 16, 1906. chs-004603
Brooks Carriage Sleigh Factory. Circa 1890. chs-001418
Brooks Garage. Circa 1950. chs-001414
Bodle's Opera House, the former Brooks Garage, as viewed from Bank Street. April 10, 2005 chs-007349
H. B. Tuthill's Janaury 1, 1931 Chester Telephone Company bill. chs-010131
Chester Valley, Inc. on Lehigh Ave. Early 1990s. chs-001447
Walter J Conklin Son Building Materials Pine Flooring Advertising Thermometer. Circa 1970s. chs-000965
Hector Craig Receipt Book. 1801-1805. chs-000522
Hambletonian Auto Spa Grand Opening 1/29/2005 DSC05041.
Hansen's Garage at the corner of Academy Ave & Main St. Replaced in 1916 by Murray's Garage. chs-001047
Hudson Transit Line - Shortline bus Hat Check. July 8, 192? chs-007711
Imperial Garage on Academy Avenue. Circa 1920.chs-007859
Trade Cards of Charles W. Kerner, dealers in
Boots, Shoes, Slippers, Gents' Gloves, Hosiery, Etc. 1886. chs-005770
A. B. LORD repair invoice to
G.M.Roe Estate, Feb, 1934. chs-004590
Masten & Bros. December 15, 1906 Statement to J. B. Tuthill. chs-010147
Masterson Bros. Dry Coods envelope. Circa 1900. chs-008575
EJ Jackson's Store at the corner of Academy Ave & Main St. Circa 1880. chs-001046
Mason Theodore A Miller bills Miss Hormick Craig for labor, January 9, 1886. chs-003097
Murray's Garage billhead. 192_. chs-001044
Osborne’s Chester Market. ad, June 9, 1898. chs-004777
Roe's Hall. Circa 1884. chs-007599
George M. Roe & Company December 1882 Statement to Tuthill & Kane. chs-010158
F. B. Seely grinding invoice to J. B. Tuthill. January 5, 1887 chs-010148
Thompson's Pharmacy Pillbox. Circa 1900. chs-000521
J.B. Tuthill Building plans & specifications, front elevation. Rebuilding, following the 1876 fire that destroyed much of downtown Chester. chs-006005
Tuthill & Seely’s Rail Road Freight Line freight bill.Marcus Sears bought nails and other supplies for his farm. July 10th 1847chs-000509
Interior photo of Sam Vero’s Shoe Repair which was located downtown on Main Street. Erica 1900. chs-001434
A pre-1900 9 3/8" aqua blob top bottle is either a beer or soda by Charles Vetter, Chester N.Y. chs-003345