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Chester Historical Society

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2010 Society Photos

Images in chronological order.

Updated 2015-05-30.

2010-01-08 Bill dismantling the model RR setup from the holiday display. DSC06169.jpg
2010-01-17 Annual Meeting Flyer
2010-01-17 Evan & Ed. DSC06284.jpg
2010-01-17 Enjoying the intermission between the Annual Meeting and Evan’s presentation. DSC06285.jpg
2010-01-17 Evan Galbraith speaking on plans for the Peale Museum of Discovery in Montgomery. DSC06316.jpg
2010-04-10 Aleta & Ginny hanging Tom’s painting for the 2010 exhibit: “Tom’s Canvas” DSC07509.jpg
2010-04-10 Tom selecting his father’s work, with Aleta recording in the office. DSC07511.jpg
2010-05-01 Tom's Canvas Flyer.
Newly installed flat files (on left) for large items in our archives. (Gift of FDR Presidential Archives) May 21, 2010. DSC08282.JPG
Jimmy, Clif & Tom cleaning up hillside debris at the Station. May 8, 2010. 017c.jpg
2010-05-08 Jimmy & Tom cleaning up hillside debris at the Station. 003c.jpg
2010-05-08 Matthew Dudgeon Memorial Walkers cross the finish line. 009.jpg
2010-06-11 Ed, Clif, Paul & Bill loads Yard Sale inventory. DSC05404.jpg
2010-06-11 Next stop: 1915 Erie Station for tomorrow’s Yard Sale (Yes, the door did close) DSC05416.jpg
2010-06-12 Yard Sale Flyer
2010-06-12 Unloading DSC08426.jpg
2010-06-12 Unloading DSC08427.jpg
2010-06-12 Unloading DSC08420.jpg
2010-06-12 Putting out the treasures! DSC08414.jpg
2010-06-12 Lots of people checked out ”Toms Canvas” exhibit during the day. DSC05432.jpg
2010-06-12 Loretta & Judy. It’s always nice to see happy cashiers. DSC05440.jpg
2010-06-12 Marion & Colleen examining merchandise. DSC05457.jpg
2010-06-12 Ginny at her raffle post. DSC05460.jpg
2010-06-12 Colleen surrounded by treasures in the baggage room. DSC05478.jpg
2010-06-12 DSC08424.jpg
Yard Sale Tapes being scrutinized carefully. . June 12, 2010. DSC05447.jp2
2010-06-12 Bill & Rod loading up the empty boxes, etc. at the end of a long day. DSC08442.jpg
2010-08-15 Historic CSI crew studying documentation on downtown structures. DSC09187.jpg
2010-09-10 Setting up. DSC09510.jpg
2010 Penny Social Flyer
2010-09-10 Leslie focused on cheesecake? DSC09525.jpg
2010-09-10 Placing the, hopefully, winning tickets.
2010-09-10 Judy & Ed man the busy 'Specials' table. DSC09533.jpg
2010-09-10 Debbie, Larry & Fred at entrance table. DSC09545.jpg
2010-09-10 Connie & Cindy. DSC09560.jpg
2010-09-10 Checking Carolyn's ticket numbers. DSC09572.jpg
2010-09-10 Cathy receives her prize from Ashley. DSC09590.jpg
2010-09-10 DSC09600.jpg
2010-09-10 Enzo draws Door Prize ticket. DSC06740.jpg
2010-09-10 DSC09603.jpg
2010-09-10 Chrysanthemum held high. DSC09610.jpg
2010-09-10 Winners spotted. DSC09619.jpg
2010-09-10 Checking the ticket numbers. DSC09655.jpg
2010-09-10 Debbie’s a special winner. DSC09666.jpg
2010-09-10 Chrysanthemum winner.DSC09686.jpg
2010-09-10 Putting the room back the way it was. DSC09699.jpg
2010-10-03 Oral History Program Flyer
2010-10-03 "Hear all about its" title slide
2010-10-03 First up was Tom, who gave a moving talk of his father’s life. Tom, Sr. died last year. DSC06823a.jpg
2010-10-03 Tom’s father’s photo as a one year old. DSC06824a.jpg
2010-10-03 Hambletonian and the William Rysdyk house, Alan’s home, were the subjects of his talk. DSC06829a.jpg
2010-10-03 Ed stood in for Arnold, who grew up the William Rysdyk's former home, since his taped interview proved inaudible to this large audience! DSC06846a.jpg
2010-10-03 Bart brought the house down several times with his remembrances of Babe Ruth’s Chester adventures. DSC06855a.jpg
2010-10-03 Christine recalls the night of the St. Columba Church fire in February, 1946. DSC09990a.jpg
2010-10-03 Congratulations to Ginny for recording oral histories and hosting such a wonderful program today! DSC09972a.jpg
2010-10-19 Village of Chester donates Werner John's Chester Churches Mural from Courtroom. (These depictions of churches were deemed inappropriate for the courtroom.) DSC00176.jpg
2010-10-19 Clif, John & Dean carefully removing panel DSC00194.jpg
2010-10-19 Clif carries first panel out. DSC00233.jpg
2010-10-19 Team work? DSC00238.jpg
2010-10-19 Tom places St. Columba Church panel in baggage room. DSC00267.jpg
2010-10-19 Tom, John and Clif under Werner John’s painting of J. H. Wright's 1865 famous Hambletonian print. DSC00274.jpg
2010-10-30 Debby-Lu setting up Jack-O-Lantern. DSC00487.jpg
2010-10-30 Robert. DSC00499.jpg
2010-10-30 Fred & Larry. DSC00504.jpg
2010-10-30 Loretta & Leslie. DSC00509.jpg
2010-10-30 Joe Burns’s grandmother, Josephine Board Johnson, christened two Liberty Ships during WWII. He donated the bottle and casket from the S.S. Samhorn, Hull #2435 by the Southeastern Shipbuilding Corporation. Christened February 5, 1944. Loaned to Great Britain, she was scrapped in 1960. DSC00517.jpg
2010-10-30 Mae with Debby-Lu. DSC00527.jpg
2010-10-30 Leslie, Tony & Jeanette. DSC00529.jpg
2010-10-30 Mary Rose with Leslie. DSC00534.jpg
2010-10-30 Ronnie talks with Loretta. Ginny in background. DSC07301.jpg
2010-10-30 Closing day. DSC07303.jpg
2010-10-30 Robert checking out refreshments as Fred 'supervises.' DSC07305.jpg
2010-10-30 Tom with Giget. DSC07307.jpg
2010-10-30 Mary, Tom & Judy.DSC07325.jpg
2010-10-30 Mary slicing into Tekla’s “War Cake.” Made as they where in WWII in honor of Tom La Barbera’s wartime service. DSC07330.jpg
2010-10-30 Mae & Tom present the “Chester Depot” painting to Carol, Robert & Toby. DSC07340.jpg
2010-10-30 Ginny receives her print from Tom. DSC07348.jpg
2010-10-30 Mae & Debby-Lu breaking down display. DSC00535.jpg
2010-10-30 Tom packing up his father’s items. DSC00541.jpg
2010 Raffle tickets
2010-11-16 Jessica, our waitress for the evening pulls a winning ticket. DSC00695.jpg
2010-11-16 The happy crowd enjoying the Annual Dutch Treat Dinner at the Barnsider! DSC00702.jpg
2010-11-26 Clif presents Cindy her Holiday Inn raffle prize as her cockatiel, Casey, watches. DSC07916.jpg
2010-12-01 Ronnie presents a token of the Society's appreciation to Norma at the December business meeting. DSC00857.jpg
2010-12-01 Larry & Leslie touch-up the walls for Sunday’s Tree lighting & open house. DSC00862.jpg
2010-12-01 DSC00874.jpg
2010 Tree Lighting Flyer
2010-12-05 Bellvale Community caroling beautifully as a group. DSC08161.jpg
2010-12-05 Handing out candy canes and good cheer! IMG_3900.jpg
2010-12-05 Santa’s helpers. IMG_3902.jpg
2010-12-05 Santa’s admirers. IMG_3904.jpg
2010-12-05 Piling into the Station for warmth following caroling in the bitter of this December night. DSC08169.jpg
2010-12-05 Lory & Norma admire Cindy’s luscious whip cream topped cupcakes. DSC00888.jpg
2010-12-05 Rev. Pat came all the way from Philadelphia for the tree lighting, talking with Bill & Pat. DSC08153.jpg
2010-12-05 Future engineer? DSC08176.jpg

Winners spotted.