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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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Dining & hospitality.

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Updated 2015-07-02.

The Barnsider, 1975, chs-006576
Canavan's Corner (American House) 1982. chs-001072
Capitol Restaurant & Cafeteria Matchbook. Crica 1920. chs-011069
Capitol Restaurant Matchbook cover. Circa 1950 chs-007709
Capitol Cafeteria Poster. Circa 1940s chs-000032
Capitol Cafeteria Fan. Circa 1940. chs-007953
Howland House before 1915. chs-002818
Chester Inn (Atwaters), soup spoons, circa 1920s. chs-008158
Rose Licciardello in front of Chester Inn. July 1, 1938. chs-006598
Chester Inn, Main St. Circa 1940s. chs-006095
Chester Inn sign. Erica 1960s. chs-011690
Gallery Cafe & Tea Room Brunch Menu. Opened 9/14/2005 by Diana Clayton. 9/26/2005 chs-007838
Sam’s Cozy Corner looking east, circa 1930s. chs-005473
Sam’s Cozy Corner Menu. 1930?-1940? chs-012156
Gallo's Cozy Corner glass ashtray. Circa 1960s. chs-006136
Gallo's Cozy Corner Restaurant and Bar Thermometer. Circa 1960s chs-005427
Mulberry Street Grill, formerly the Cozy Corners at West Chester. 1997 Demolished 1998 and replaced by CVS Drugstore. chs-008294
Feldner ad 1934-01-12.
Feldner’s Store. 1933 or 1934 chs-010220
Feldner's store on Main Street, circa 1930s chs-013968
Bear in chair! Greycourt Hotel, J.F. Proctor, proprietor. Sept. 18, 1906 chs-004783
Railroad Hotel, Greycourt. Circa 1920. chs-014106
Sugar Loaf Hotel owned by Arlington C. Jacobs, circa 1900. chs-003865
Charles Winters ad 1934-03-23.