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Orange County, New York

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Sugar Loaf.

Europeans settlers came here in the early 1700's. Sugar Loaf craftsmen supported the surrounding farms. The hotel/inn and Methodist Church were centers of community life. Sugar Loaf fell into decay with the decline of farming in the mid-twentieth century. Sugar Loaf experienced a renascence as a crafts community in the late 20th century, boasting many craftsmen with their shops plus the Lycian Centre for the performing arts and many new residences around the hamlet center. Also see Bob Fugett's "Historic Museum of Sugar Loaf, New York" for examples of works by Sugar Loaf artists. Click to browse additional Sugar Loaf items in New York Heritage.

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Sugar Loaf Section, from Atlas of Orange County 1875. chs-006579
“Charles & Marie Barrell, in front of Walling’s residence on King’s Hwy in Sugar Loaf.” 1897. chs-006581
The Old Sugar Loaf Inn and Livery Stable. Circa 1897. chs-006587
Main St Near The Depot. August 16, 1909 chs-000733
Mutual M. & C. Co. Creamery. Circa 1920. chs-006569
Side of Sugar Loaf Mountain looking south. Circa 1940. chs-006591
Aerial view of The Laroe Sawmill. 1963. chs-006570
The Sugar Loaf Hotel as it is in 1971 the building seems to have been only half as wide and a story and a half high originally. When enlarged the upper porch was added, to follow the Canal type of the time. chs-008197
Public Comfort Station in Sugar Loaf. 1975. chs-006575
Looking north up the eastern sidewalk on Kings Highway from the Barnsider. Circa 1975. chs-006576
Resplendent Candles, Peter Lendved's Candle Shop. Circa 1975 chs-006565
Jarvis Boone Leading a Christmas Caroling in Sugar Loaf. Circa 1975. chs-006574
“Sugar,” the Sugar Loaf Mastodon on display as Orange County Community College. Circa 1978 chs-001065
A Sugar Loaf Streetscape. Circa 1980 chs-006564
Eric Sloane Day, looking north up the eastern sidewalk on Kings Highway from the Barnsider. Circa 1982. chs-006577
A Sugar Loaf Streetscape: East side of Kings Highway looking south. Our Glass House, Pete & Amy Lendved residence, Resplendent Candles residence Barnsider. Circa 1984 chs-006571
Barn Gallery and New Creamery Pond with Sugar Loaf Mtn. in background. 1996 (photo: John Lewis Stage) chs-006578
The Lycian Centre. 1997 chs-006566
Looking north along the east side of Main Street, Sugar Loaf towards the Sugar Loaf Methodist Church. 4/22/1999 chs-003412
Bill & Rose Schilling installing new Well Sweep pole. 2010-10-21 chs-013659