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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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2009 Society Photos

Images in chronological order.

Update 2015-05-31.

2009-01-10 Tom & Fred taking down the tree. DSC07561.jpg
2009-01-10 Bill removing cobwebs in cellar way. DSC07559.jpg
Bill & Ed bringing in the wreath. January 10, 2009. DSC07563a.jpg
2009-01-18 President Mary presents her third and final Annual Report to the membership. DSC07593a.jpg
2009-01-18 Leslie Smith videographs the proceedings. DSC07604a.jpg
2009-01-18 Julian Adams from the NYS Office for Historic Preservation delivers a engrossing program on Certified Local Government Program. DSC07815a.jpg
2009-01-18 Julian Adams makes the point that historic preservation up to us! DSC07874b.jpg
2009-01-18 Town of Chester Historian, Clif Patrick, receives “Registered Historian” credentials from Town of Chester Supervisor, Steve Neuhaus. DSC08050a.jpg
2009-02-04 Officers pose at February meeting: Leslie (Cor. Secretary), Fred (Treasurer), Ronnie (Rec. Secretary), Bill (1st VP), Norma (President) & Debby Lu (2nd VP).
2009-02-13 Dean waits for Neil of Museum Village to finish documenting one of the antique radios they are loaning us for our 2009 “Radio Days” exhibit. DSC08018a.jpg
2009-03-07 Clif Patrick, Town Historian, documents the Jackson Cemetery on Jim DeStafeno’s Farm. DSC08507.jpg
2009-03-21 Spring cleaning Nancy & Georgina. DSC08795a.jpg
2009-03-21 Spring cleaning Amanda & Christine. DSC08798a.jpg
2009-03-21 Spring cleaning. DSC08801b.jpg
2009-03-21 Spring cleaning Nancy & Margie. DSC08803a.jpg
2009-03-21 Spring cleaning Bill, Ed & Larry. DSC08805b.jpg
2009-04-02 Town of Chester Historian, Clif, assists Cheryl Kolesien & Karen Spragg of Wyoming in their Durland family research with society records. DSC08679a.jpg
2009-04-03 Ronnie & Clif setting up display case for “Radio Days” exhibit. DSC08682.jpg
2009-04-03 Ronnie sizing up a “Radio Days” panel. DSC08728.jpg
2009-04-10 Ronnie & Marcia pricing this year’s yard sale. DSC08566.jpg
2009-04-10 Leslie & Ronnie pricing this year’s yard sale. DSC08575b.jpg
2009 Radio Days flyer.
Norma discussing "Radio Days" exhibit with Dick on opening day. May 2, 2009. DSC09200ab.jpg
2009-05-02 Norma, Donna, Mary & Ronnie on opening day. DSC09203a.jpg
2009-05-02 Fred with Antique Radio club members examining huge 1920s radio. DSC09204a.jpg
2009-06-13 Yard Sale Flyer.
2009-06-13 Set-up started at 6 am! DSC06992.jpg
2009-06-13 Eager shoppers waiting for the stating bell! DSC06999.jpg
2009-06-13 Loreta sells lots of raffle tickets. DSC00462.jpg
2009-06-13 Debby Lu in charge of jewelry display. DSC00463.jpg
2009-06-13 DSC07005a.jpg
2009-06-27 Association of Public Historians of New York State holds Region 3 meeting at Station.
2009-06-27 Participants arriving (L-R) Tessa, Highland; Charlie, Monroe; Susan, Monroe; Sue, Warwick; Lorraine, Chester; Linda, Monroe. DSC07054a.jpg
2009-06-27 APHNYS Region 3 Coordinator Suzanne presiding..jpg
2009-06-27 APHNYS Region 3 meeting agenda.jpg
2009-06-27 Town of Chester Historian, Clif Patrick, gave a short talk on the rescue and restoration of the 1915 Chester Depot.
2009-06-27 Tessa Killian from Hudson River Valley Heritage explained the value of to local historians by providing universal access to the historical record of the Hudson River Valley.
2009-06-27 Debi Duke of the National Park Service was the final speaker and presented a very engaging workshop on “Teaching the Hudson Valley” program.
Business meeting: Loretta, Larry, Ronnie, Norma, Debby-Lu, & Fred. July 1, 2009. DSC00787a.jpg
2009-07-01 At the July meeting, President Norma Stoddard presented Leslie Smith with a token of the Society’s appreciation for all her efforts in preparing Society Yard Sales the last 17 years! DSC00792.jpg
2009-07-18 Hudson, Fulton, Champlain Quadricentennial banner flying at the 1915 Erie Station. DSC07387.jpg
2009-08-05 President Norma Stoddard presents a token of appreciation to Fred Kronk for all he does for the society.
2009-08-10 Group from Mt Alverno Center in Warwick tour “Radio Days” exhibit. The vintage radios spurred lots of memories.
Penny Social Flyer.
2009-09-12 Door prize table. DSC08182a.jpg
2009-09-12 Always nice to see our treasurer, Fred, happy! DSC08196a.jpg
2009-09-12 Larry & Georgina. DSC08216a.jpg
2009-09-12 Caller Sue with her crew. DSC08225a.jpg
2009-09-12 Cathy receives a prize. DSC08241a.jpg
2009-09-12 DSC08273a.jpg
2009-09-12 DSC08281a.jpg
2009-09-12 DSC08306a.jpg
2009-09-12 Caller Cindy and her helper Enzo DSC08329a.jpg
2009-09-12 Presenting the next prize. DSC08375a.jpg
2009-09-12 DSC08384a.jpg
2009-10-29 De'Crevecoeur Flye
2009-10-29 Prof. Richard Hull with 1769 De'Crevecoeur deed. DSC09404a.jpg
2009-10-29 Ed Conklin, who owns Pine Hill Farm, formerly De'Crevecoeur’s, discusses a point with Dick Hull. DSC09410a.jpg
2009-10-29 Rodger Freidman reads from De'Crevecoeur’s eloquent “Voyage dans la haute Pensylvanie et dans l'état de New-York : par un membre adoptif de la nation Onéida.” Paris: Maradan, 1801. DSC09452a.jpg
2009-11-17 Museum Village Board visits “Radio Days” exhibit. P1010877.jpg
2009-11-17 Museum Village Board visits “Radio Days” exhibit. P1010880.jpg
2009-11-17 Bruno, Marcia & Ronnie at Dutch Treat Raffle Dinner. DSC05271.jpg
2009-11-17 Debby Lu, Rose Marie, Bill, Ed, Polly, & Richard, Dutch Treat Raffle Dinner. DSC05272a.jpg
2009-11-17 Fred shaking the tickets, Dutch Treat Raffle Dinner. DSC05270.jpg
2009-11-17 First winner drawn by Jennifer, Dutch Treat Raffle Dinner. DSC05274a.jpg
2009-11-17 Richard draws another winner as Pete looks on, Dutch Treat Raffle Dinner. DSC05279a.jpg
2009-11-17 Susan draws another, Dutch Treat Raffle Dinner. DSC05281a.jpg
2009-11-18 Norma presents Mae Bertoni Print raffle prize to first place winner: Audrey. P1010878.jpg
2009-11-19 EJ accepts 2009 Kiwanis Everyday Hero award. DSC02608b.jpg
2009-11-19 Betty-Ann accepts 2009 Kiwanis Everyday Hero award. DSC05374.jpg
2009 tree lighting Flyer
2009-12-06 Emcee, Pat Mazo, introduced Bellvale Community carolers. DSC05739.jpg
2009-12-06 Bellvale Community carolers. DSC05740.jpg
2009-12-06 Leslie, Monica, James & Mary. DSC05774.jpg
2009-12-06 DSC05780.jpg
2009-12-06 This young lady needing reassurance before accepting a candy cane from this jolly gentleman. DSC05783.jpg
2009-12-06 DSC05785.jpg
2009-12-06 Posing with Santa. DSC05788.jpg
2009-12-06 One of the pen holiday displays. DSC02929.jpg
2009-12-06 Clif chats with the Quackenbush family. DSC02949.jpg
2009-12-06 DSC02956.jpg
2009-12-06 DSC02959.jpg
2009-12-06 Enjoying the refreshments. DSC05441.jpg
2009-12-06 Mary, Monica & James. DSC05800.jpg
2009-12-28 Station at night. DSC06060.jpg