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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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Historic Markers.

Click here for historic markers in the Hamlet of Sugar Loaf, Village of Chester or Town of Chester posted on

9 Miles to G. (Goshen) chs-003406
16 Miles to NB (Newburgh). chs-001878
1915 Erie Station Marker.
Chester Militia. chs-001883
Cromline House. chs-003529
Artillery Encampment 1779. chs-018060
First Post Office Historic Marker. chs-001884
First Presbyterian Church. chs-001882
Furybrook Farm Historic Marker. chs-018061.jpg
Hambletonian Foaled Here May 5, 1859. chs-012359
Welcome To Chester. chs-001877
1885 CHS Denton Grist Mill. chs-001885
Pet Cemetery Marker. chs-013573
Pine Hill Farm Historic Marker. chs-001876
Railroad at Chester - Orange Co., N.Y. chs-014390
Railroad at Greycourt - Orange Co., N.Y. chs-014390
Revolutionary Militia. chs-001880
Salem Village of Chester. chs-00964
Sugar Loaf. chs-001887
Sugar Loaf School. chs-001962
Wayawanda Patent. chs-003530
William A. Lawrence Historic Marker IMG_2244.jpg - Videos:
Yelverton Inn Plaque. DSC04644