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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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2014 Society Photos

Images in chronological order.

Updated 2015-06-01.

Dean & Bill cleaning up wet insulation, 2014-01-5. IMG_4733.JPG
Section of Burst Pipe. 2014-01-11chs-015042.JPG
Rob applying insulation. 2014-01-18IMG_4782.JPG
Clif bringing in replacement headboard. 2014-02-02 IMG_4851.JPG
Repairs in progress. 2014-02-20 IMG_4924.jpg
Rob digging his way to the Tollhouse. 2014-03-06 IMG_5079.jpg
Ed opening grates for Spring cleaning. 2014-04-12 IMG_00461.jpg
Debby-Lu, Nancy & Margie spring cleaning. 2014-04-12 IMG_0059.jpg
E.J., Georgina & Rich tending the gardens. 2014-04-19 IMG_0224.jpg
1915-2015 100 yrs Station recruitment Flyer.
2015-04-29 Debby building timeline. IMG_5681.jpg
2015-04-29 Debby & Rob setting up display. IMG_5691.jpg
2015-04-29 Lynn verifying crossing gate operation. IMG_5700.jpg
Debby-Lu adjusting display. 2014-05-24 IMG_0661.jpg
1915 Station. chs-009677
Ronnie, Lynn, Fred & ? on opening day "Made in Chester" exhibit 2014-05-03 IMG_0392.JPG
Lynn & Fred on opening day "Made in Chester" exhibit 2014-05-03 IMG_0393.jpg
Carol on opening day "Made in Chester" exhibit 2014-05-03 IMG_0391.jpg
Rob & Dean installing picture moving in Men's Waiting Room. 2014-05-23 IMG_0655.jpg
Norma & Lynn pricing for Yard Sale. 2014-05-31 IMG_0695.jpg
2015-05-10 Leslie checks installation of the Mary Endico painting loaned to the Chester Library. IMG_5815.jpg