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Orange County, New York

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Since reaching Chester in 1841 until the last train left in 1983, railroads play a major role in the development, life and times of Chester.  Click here to browse additional Chester railroading items inNew York Heritage.

Updated 2015-08-05.

18 trip, New York, 10 Dec, 1841 G.L. Row sold for Mr. W Birchardl. chs-007078
October 23, 1851 New-York Erie Rail-Road Cattle-Drovers' Pass: "B. Y. Durland has shipped, on behalf of Board & Thompson the number of Cattle, which entitles him to pass free to Chester." chs-013843
Warwick Valley Railroad Way Billl to J&SS Durland, East Chester Station from Chesterville. June 28, 1865 chs-000320 W
L&H RR photo taken in Belvidere, NJ containing local men. Right to left: James Edwards, Michael Farrell, Bill Murth, Dave Shaw, Abe Quackenbush. 1883-4 chs-002318
Clerymans Certificate: Rev. M. R. Harris, Middletown N. Y. May 24, 1885 chs-000308
1886 National Telegraph Co. Delivery Sheet. chs-007389
NYOW RR pocket schedule. October 4, 1885 chs-000316
NYOW RR pocket schedule interior. October 4, 1885 chs-000316
NYO&W Ticket Middletown to Centerville New York January 8, 1886. chs-015376
NY&W RR Paymaster notice. November 12, 1886 chs-000307
New York, Ontario & Western Railroad Co., Middle Division. Timetable. November 16, 1886 chs-000304
Train wreckage near Greycourt. Early 1900s chs-008000
Business card of Sam'l Sayer, agent for the Erie Railway Co. Circa 1900 chs-007982
Chester Erie Station & vicinity, Circa 1900 chs-000102
Erie R. R. Co. Lease # 5177 on 20 July 1905 for a driveway & piazza (the veranda of a house) of Frank Chardivoyne, Chester, N. Y. chs-007732
Erie and LHRR Station, Greycourt, N.Y. . June 10, 1909 chs-004790
Train wreck near the Newburgh Branch, at the Greycourt, NY water tower, involving Engines #24 & 69. 1908?-1928? chs-005316
Wreck at Newburgh Branch. 1908-1929 chs-005315
Erie RR Station, Chester, N. Y. Circa 1915. chs-000488
Bunnell Telegraph Key. Circa 1900. chs-008280
Lehigh Valley Railroad Station, circa 1920. chs-004793
Craigville Station. Circa 1925 chs-007966
Erie Battery bottle. Circa 1929 chs-000657
L. & H. Depot, East Chester, N. Y. Circa 1930. chs-001352
Clinker, hard conglomeration of molten trace minerals and ash, that would plug the fire box ash shaker gates of locomotives.
Circa 1930. chs-004421
Signal Learner Telegraph set. Circa 1930. chs-008282
Mrs. R. H. Peacock & Mrs. W. L. Trafford, Wife and mother-in-law of Special Agent, Land & Tax Dept.Erie Railroad Pass. 1937-1938. chs-4650.
Erie Railroad Radio Communication. 1945 chs-005814
Erie Railroad Company Explosives Placard. October, 1945 chs-002971
Erie Passenger Step Morton Manufacturing. chs-002944
Erie Railroad Company Dangerous Placard. 9-1947 chs-002968
1947-1949 Freedom Train Pin, it was a special exhibit train that toured the United States in the later half of the 1940s with displays of Americana and related historical artifacts. chs-007837
Erie's class K-1 Pacific No. 2549 stops for water at Greycourt, N. Y. Published in Trains Magazine, April 1948 Volume 8 Number 6. chs-003940
Erie RR 100th Anniversary Matchbook cover. 1951 chs-002964
Erie Rail Road Tie Dating Nail 1954 locally. Used to label the ties with the date they were placed so that there replacement could be properly scheduled. Typically, in this area, ties were replaced every forty years. 1954. chs-000658
Erie Railroad Pass: Mrs. T. A. Casey, Dtr. Beth. 1958 -1959 chs-004651
The Warwick Advertiser: L&H Centennial Edition. Friday, June 3, 1960 chs-000163
Erie-Lackawanna RR Stock Certificate. Oct 27, 1960. chs-000111
Erie Lackawanna Railway Co. Tariff Notice. February, 1961 chs-00 2489
Baggage Service Charge: Eastern Railroads. April 10, 1961 chs-002487