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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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Updated 2015-07-04.

Rysdyk’s Hambletonian postcard, Goshen, N.Y. Circa 1890. chs-004062
Unknown Trotter. Late 1800s chs-003519
5802 CHS Record 2-19.jpg
Award ribbon from the Chester Cycle Club 1900. chs-011863
Champions of Orange County - 1905: Back row, left to right: Harry Littell, Mort Pierce, George Ryan, Charles (Charlie) A. Thompson, Bill O’Brien, Fred Murray, John Hunter. Front Row: Jerry Eagen, W. E. (Bill) Litell, William H. (Billy) Smith, Lou Fitzgerald. chs-006094
Chester High School 1905 Junior Football Team. Front row - Left to right - Ross Miller - Joe Ariskie - Lester Razy - Sanford Durland - Art Kane - Armour Courtier - Gus Lippert . Rear row- Left to right - Paul Schriver - Dick Smith - Dewitt Day - Joe McCoy . chs-004883
Chester High School: 1911 Orange County Champions; Won 9 Lost 2. chs-005131
Shawbay, 2:05 1/4 - Owned by Brook
Farm, Chester, Orange County, N. Y.; The Trotter & Pacer. January 25, 1917. chs-014119
1921/22 Chester High School Basketball team: Back row, l-r: Chet Dell, Chet Predmore, Charlie Carman, Jack Diffily. Front row, l-r: Frank Borgman (brother of Benny Bargman), Walt Hulse, Ken Babcock. 1922 chs-005321
Chester Girls Basket Ball Team of 1926-27: 1st row left to right: Elsie Hunter, Margaret Creighton, Josephine Graham, Margaret Kane. 2nd row: Rena Montanaro, Margaret? McKenzie, Miss. Merab Gamble(Brooks), ?(Lee) Bailey. chs-007597
Photo of an autographed Babe Ruth photo”
“To My Hunting friend and Pal Pierre
Sincerely, Babe Ruth.” Circa 1930s. chs-3552
Chester Softball League Season Schedule
and Players Lists. 1939 chs-009769
Hoofbeats magazine, February 1941. Cover shows horse,sulky, and driver depicting Hambletonian on a sign as you enter Chester on Route 94. chs-002247
Meadow Leo - 2-2:04 3/5 by Adios - Miss Joan, driven by W. Haughton at Historic Track (Goshen), July, 1954. chs-010412
Chester Little League, 1965. Back row, l-r: ?, Jim Minnerman, Danny Houvre, Billy Van Der Hoof, Jimmy Predmore, John Mann, Tommy McNess. Front row, l-r: Mr. Stoll, Tom Atkin, Rake Samples, Dick Polmen, Gary Kielanb, Tom La Barbera, Mickey Mook, William Jones, George Omaba. chs-010393
Conservo Real Estate sponsored team: 1983 Champs A Division Little League. chs-004489
Lay block for the Chester Little League Field building under construction in the lot west of Conklin’s Lumber Yard. Left: Pat Bailey. March, 1958 chs-009250
Bill M. rolling the Chester Little League Field, looking east at Conklin’s Lumber Yard. April, 1958 chs-009259
Game at the Chester Little League Field, in lot west of Conklin’s Chester Lumber Yard. May, 1958 chs-009281
Conservo Real Estate sponsored team 1984
Division League Champs. chs-004488
Chester Captures D Title. Orange County Post clipping Tuesday, November 9, 2004 chs-006361