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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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Various views of Chester.  Streetscapes, landscapes, scenic vistas, plans, etc.

Updated 2015-07-05.

Bridge over RR on US6, NY17. Circa 1920. chs-007952
Brook View Farm, form "Portrait and Biographical Record of Orange County" 1895 chs-005418
View of Race Track and Brook Farm Stable. Sep 17, 1915 chs-005839
Chester Inn, Main St. Circa 1930. chs-006095
High Street circa 1900. chs-005847
Main Street. Dec 14, 1914 chs-006059
The Square, at intersection of Main Street & Academy Avenue, Chester, NY. Circa 1915. chs-005385
Original Chester Water Works Engineering Blueprint mounted and framed for presentation to the Water Board, October, 1892. chs-000022
Calamity Corners, sight of the 1818 Richard Jennings murder. Circa 1971. chs-008196
Restcome P. Conklin 1892 Building. 1959. chs-006074
Gathering at Glenmere Lake, 1893. chs-008275
Glenmere Lake Estates Country Club ~ Birds-Eye View. “A Mountain Lake of Distinction” Circa 1920 chs-008827
Northwest Wing of the Manor House, The Glenmere, Chester, NY. 1940s chs-005393
Glenmere Gate off Route 94. December 7, 2007 (Glenmere entrance moved to Hillside Road and gate reconstructed 2008.) chs-010990
Kenneth Green Farm 1960s. chs-005525
Aerial view of Greycourt & Meadow Ave. Circa 1970. chs-006076
Hambletonian Avenue. Oct. 29, 1909 (Shows houses and Hambletonian’s Mountment. Note that Hambletonian Avenue, off High Street, is unpaved dirt.) chs-005838
W. A. Lawrence's Creamery. Circa 1915. chs-005378
Lawrence Tourist Camp, U.S. Route 6 – New York 17, Chester, N.Y. September 13, 1938. chs-005381
“Locust Brea”, Chester, N.Y., home of Mr. & Mrs. Jackson. Circa 1900. chs-005836
Roe's Hall. Circa 1890. (Building on right stands next to railroad station and is #9-11 Winkler Place.) chs-006021
Sam’s Cozy Corner, West Chester looking southeast. Circa 1930. chs-005473
Main St near the Depot, Sugar Loaf, looking south, Kings Highway. 1897 chs-006586
1774 Yelverton Inn. 1911 chs-005386