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Young soldier, circa 1860. chs-008156
Field & Staff, 18th Regiment, N. Y. S. V. Circa 1863. chs-014206
Moses P. Ross 124th Regt., Circa 1862. chs-000660
Moses P. Ross's Civil War Service Bugle. 1862-1865 chs-014309
Grave of Commander Moses P. Ross Decorated Sunday. 1906 chs-014312
Henry J. House Discharge Certificate, July 1, 1865. chs-014209
Chester Military Band.circa 1890. chs-006020
Gathering at Brook Farm. From May Murray’s diary: Wednesday, May 30, 1917 “On the way back from the cemetery, the parade went up to Brook Farm and had pictures taken - firemen - soldiers - Boy Scouts - Camp Fire Girls - school children.” chs-007754
Radio Blinker Signal Set Made for U.S. Army Air Service by Frank B. Perry and Sons, June 7, 1918. chs-013814
“Windsor Castle.

Soldiers of United States,the people of the British Isles welcome you on your way to take your stand besides the Armies of many Nations now fighting in the Old World the great battle for human freedom.

The allies will gain new heart and spirit and your company. I wish that I could shake the hand of each one of you & bid you God speed on your mission.

George R. I.
April 1918.” chs-014666
Private Harold Thew Booth in France, circa 1918. chs-014598
Red Cross Death Notice, Private Harold Thew Booth “January 8, 1919 My dear Mr. Booth: It is with the deepest sympathy I am enclosing this report of the death of your son, Pvt. Harold T. Booth, (494 Motor Truck Co.) and with it I wish to send a heartfelt tribute of honor to the memory of a brave soldier, who gave his life for his country and humanity. I hope it will be of some comfort to you to know that he had every care it was possible, and that he lies among the honored dead of those heroes who crossed the seas to give their lives to bring the blessings of peace, and whose names will never be forgotten. Sincerely yours, R. Castle, Jr.” chs-014599
A page from Boy Scout Ed McNunn's Handbook & diary documenting that he "Flagged" at bridge WWI. Boy Scouts, along with police, retired and active servicemen provide security various locations such as bridges, railroads, ports, etc. 1919 chs-007664
Veterans of World War March at Camp LaGuardia. Circa 1930. chs-000765
World World I Service Monument near Chester's Corporation Building (Walton Hose Co.). Circa 1930. chs-0001271
Pvt Bernard Schilling at unknown train station during WWII. 1942? CHS-010163
Brothers in the Navy: Joseph & William Roach. "Stationed with a Seabee outfit in the British West Indies, Seaman Roach has been in the Navy since January. His brother, Yeoman Roach enlisted last October and is now at a West Coast Naval Station. They are sons of Mr. and Mrs. William Roach of Chester." 1943? chs-009736
Miss Eleanor Groll, member of the Chester High School faculty, and Sergeant Robert E. Marglson of Fort Belvoir, Va. were married yesterday in a double ring ceremony performed by the Rev. Walter F. Gilmore at St. Columba's rectory. 1942? chs-009699
Robert (Bobby) Brandt leaving Chester for service in Navy, 1943. chs-000028
Loretta Winkler in Washington, DC during WWII. 1944. chs-002746
Brothers in Service: 2nd Lt. Harry F. House & Pvt. Harold House. 1944 chs-009730
WWII John Fratto leaning against Jeep,
4th Armored Division, Tank Battalion, German. Circa 1945. chs-007905
John Fratto's 8th Constabulary Squad on ski patrol in occupied Germany. John is second from left. 1945 chs-014491
Pete Masella. WWII Veteran.
Hans Jenssen-Tusch (1919-2005) served as a translator for General Patton in Nuremberg. chs-005740
Orville Lee Ferguson (1924-2013) WWII Army veteran.
Paul G. Pizzolongo WWII veteran
Marine Louis DeLuca’s Vietnam era combat boots. Cdirca 1968 chs-014565
Army Sgt. Philip Valastro stationed at Ramstein Germany AFB on mission on Island of Crete with the Services Practice Air Defense. 1982. chs-008044


The call to arms has been answered from the very first pioneer settlers through to today and will into the future.  Click here to browse additional Chester military items in New York Heritage.

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