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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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2003 Society Photos

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(updated 2015-04-12)

Inside Station after tree lighting - 12/7/2003 DCS-00817
Santa arrives! 12/7/2003 DSC00807.
Carolers 12/7/2003 DSC00765-1.
Tree Lighting Flyer 2003
One of last year's winners, Debbie K. drawng this year's winning ticket at the Barnsider, Sugar Loaf, NY. 11/18/2003 DCS-00456
Chester Historical Society Raffle Drawing diner at the Barnsider, Sugar Loaf, NY - 11/18/2003 DSC00445.
Norma presents Wolfgang's Rooster" raffle prize to Mark at Roe's Orchards - 11/19/2003 DCS-00490
Norma presents Tom La Barbera's "Mary Cameron farm" raffle prize to Connie at 19 Main Street - 11/19/2003 DSC00487.
Norma presents "Lobster Pier Dinner for Two" raffle prize to Bill and his friend, George W. - 11/19/2003 DSC00486.
Norma presents "Santa" raffle prize to Fred - 11/19/2003DSC00484.
2003 Raffle Stubs.
Loretta introducing Preservation Program speaker Julian Adams - 10-15-2003 DSC00008.
Preservation Flyer 10-15-2003.
Returning "All Aboard" material to Port Jervis 9/20/2003 DSC03687
Returning "All Aboard" material to Port Jervis 9/20/2003 DSC03684
Returning "All Aboard" material to Port Jervis 9/20/2003 DSC03682.
Final Call! All Aboard Flyer

Penny Social winners. 9/12/2003 DSC03409.
Father Wayne calling at Penny Social. 9/12/2003 DSC03389.
Margie, Eileen & Tom at Penny Social - 9/12/2003 DSC03385.
Rita & Debbie Lu enjoying the Penny Social - 9/12/2003 DSC03377.
Penny Social Winner- 9/12/2003 DSC03366.
Mayor Susan calling with Fred, Penny Social - 9/12/2003 DSC03351.
Mary Beth selling Phyllis a Penny Social "Special" - 9/12/2003 DSC03345.
Penny Social Flyer 2003
Hap, Leslie & Margie at Yard Sale - 6/21/2003 DSC03171.
Leslie, Margie, Barbara & Marcia working Yard Sale - 6/21/2003 DSC03161.
Fred & Bill after Yard Sale - 6/21/2003 DSC02438.
Tom & Danny at Yard Sale - 6/21/2003 DSC02424.
Bill & Barbara at Yard Sale - 6/21/2003 DSC02421.
Betty, Rev. Karen, Judy, Fr. Wayne, Loretta at Yard Sale - 6/21/2003 DSC02413.
2003 Yard Flyer
Norma presents award to Fred as witnessed by Loretta & Leslie during "All Aboard" opening ceremonies 5/3/2003 DSC01644.
"All Aboard" opening ceremony 5/3/2003 DSC01642.
Leslie examining "All Aboard" exhibit on opening day 5/3/2003 DCS-01549
Clif setting up "All Aboard" exhibit. April 30, 2003. DSC01554.JPG
Reporter Kris Farlekas interviewing Bill & Mary at opening day 5/3/2003 DSC01637.
President Bill Schilling formally thanking Butch after loading the Port Jervis Depot exhibit materials in City of Port Jervis warehouse. 3/1/20003 DCS00603
Bill Schilling loading U-Haul truck. 3/1/2003 DSC00598.
All Aboard tickets
Bill and Leslie checking roof tile inventory - 4/5/2003 DCS-01151
Spring clean-up, Nancy - 4/5/2003 DSC01146.
Spring clean-up, Chris, Ryan & Ed - 4/5/2003 DSC01141.
Spring clean-up, Ed - 4/5/2003 DSC01136.
Spring clean-up, Lorraine - 4/5/2003 DSC01120.
Spring clean-up, Kelly - 4/5/2003 DSC01117.
"Chester, a Railroading Crossroads" program 1/19/2003
"Chester, a Railroading Crossroads" program 1/19/2003
2003 CHS Annual Meet flyer.