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Chester Historical Society

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2011 Society Photos

Images in chronological order.

Updated 2015-05-31.

2011 Furnace Fund Flyer
2011-01-09 Original boiler failed new Year’s Eve. Vic's ™ Contracting crew lowering new boiler into basement. DSC00032.jpg
2011-01-16 Annual Meeting Flyer.
2011-01-16 Ronnie conducting election of 2011 officers at Annual Meeting. DSC00021.jpg
2011-01-16 Gary Keeton presenting the story of the discovery and recovery to the Tunkamoose Mastodon Tusks discovered by his Glenn in 2008. DSC00024.jpg
Tillie speaking with Gary Keeton following his presentation on the Tunkamoose Mastodon find at our Annual Meeting. January 16, 2011.
2011-03-05 Norma taking down holiday decorations. DSC00294.jpg
2011-03-05 Debby & Fred packing up her family’s Hess Truck collection display. DSC00295.jpg
2011-03-05 Fred, Norma, Cathie & Ronnie begin pricing this year’s yard sale stuff. DSC00321a.jpg
2011-03-19 Nancy, spring cleaning. DSC00360.jpg
2011-03-19 Norma, spring cleaning. DSC00362.jpg
2011-03-19 Georgina, spring cleaning. DSC00366.jpg
2011-03-19 Marcia & Fred stowing “Christmas Village.” DSC00373.jpg
2011-03-19 Rod, spring cleaning. DSC00374.jpg
2011-03-19 Tillie, spring cleaning. DSC00382.jpg
2011-04-14 Debby rises to new highs building the “Bygone Hats” display as Marcia looks on. DSC01067.jpg
2011-04-14 Ronnie custom constructs a custom stand for the “Bygone Hats” display. DSC01089.jpg
2011-04-14 Mary & Ronnie researching 1940s fashions. DSC01161.jpg
2011-04-20 Leslie & Debby processing Dorothy’s hats. DSC01167.jpg
2011-04-20 Cathie & Marcia cataloging Bill’s grandmother’s high-button shoes and his g-g-grandmother’s 1820s bonnet. DSC01168.jpg
2011-04-29 EJ’s garden in bloom. DSC00220.jpg
2011 Bygone Hats FLyer
2011-05-07 Christine & Russ.
2011-05-07 Christine, Marcia and Russ in animated conversation.
2011-05-07 c.1900 silk Log Cabin quilt by Annie Kane who lived on the Washingotnville-Chester Road. DSC00239.jpg
2011-05-07 Christine, Russ, Ginny, Marcia & Bill. DSC00248.jpg
2011-05-07 Young visitor studying hat display.DSC00258.jpg
2011-05-07 President Norma discussing one of her son’s hats on display as Judy from Kalamazoo, MI, Irene and Leslie, both of Chester look on. DSC01223.jpg
2011-05-07 Norma. IMG_6715.jpg
2011-05-07 Laura & daughter who donated many toys for yard sale. 6789.jpg
2011-05-07 Rose & Bill Schilling 1.jpg
2011-05-07 Tony & Talia sample the goodies. 6795.jpg
2011-05-10 Larry tending porte cochère flower bed. IMG_0046.jpg
2011-06-03 Ed & Richard loading truck for tomorrow’s yard sale! IMG_1255.jpg
2011-06-03 David & Rod emptying unit of tomorrow’s yard sale stuff! IMG_1257.jpg
2011-06-04 Yard Sale Flyer.
2011-06-04 Frank, Colleen & Ed unloading truck. IMG_1258.jpg
2011-06-04 Bill & Nancy hauling out stuff from the tool house. IMG_1264.jpg
2011-06-04 Village side shoppers. IMG_1274.jpg
2011-06-04 Trackside shoppers. IMG_1275.jpg
2011-06-04 IMG_1284.jpg
2011-06-04 Loretta raffling - Judy & Marion cashiering. Bill observing. IMG_1293.jpg
2011-06-04 John peddled all the way from Goshen. IMG_1298.jpg
2011-06-04 Mae with Debby Lu. IMG_1302.jpg
2011-06-04 Happy shoppers. IMG_1310.jpg
2011-06-04 Its a long day – Cindy & Debby Lu.IMG_1312.jpg
2011-06-04 Happy shopper! IMG_7480.jpg
2011-06-04 Ronnie, Georgina, Richard, Colleen, Ed & Tillie cleaning up! IMG_1331.jpg
Tea Flyer
2011-08-07 Lori, Debby-Lu & Cindy staging jams & preserves from the Ticket Agent’s office. IMG_2682.jpg
2011-08-07 Capturing the moment. IMG_2698.jpg
2011-08-07 Norma, ready to pour. IMG_2701.jpg
2011-08-07 Monica and her Aunt Noreen from Roscommon, Ireland. IMG_2703.jpg
2011-08-07 IMG_2707.jpg
2011-08-07 Sweets awaiting. IMG_2709.jpg
2011-08-07 Ronnie prepares next seating. IMG_2714.jpg
2011-08-07 IMG_2718.jpg
2011-08-07 E.J. and Bill Reminiscing. IMG_2737.jpg
2011-08-07 IMG_2739.jpg
2011-08-07 Bill, Marion, Rosalinda, et al. IMG_2747.jpg
2011-09-09 Penny Social Flyer
2011-09-09 IMG_3206.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3216.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3217.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3222.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3304.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3317.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3340.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3369.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3388.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3407.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3409.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3417.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3450.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3454.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3469.jpg
2011-09-09 IMG_3475.jpg
2011-11-15 CHS Raffle tickets.
2011-11-15 Bill buys a last minute ticket from Cindy. IMG_0003.jpg
2011-11-15 Sue reads a winning ticket to Norma. IMG_0011.jpg
2011-11-15 Our Barnsider Dutch Treat multitude. IMG_0025.jpg
2011 Tree Lighting Flyer
2011-12-04 Crowd gathers around carolers. IMG_2198.jpg
MC Pat leading corralling. 2011-12-04 DSC01449.jpg
2011-12-04 The Bruderhof community sang carols. IMG_2175.jpg
2011-12-04 Happy to meet Santa. IMG_2202.jpg
2011-12-04 IMG_0184.jpg
2011-12-04 Kevin, 10, & Nicole, 5, of Goshen, with mom Eileen. IMG_2215.jpg
2011-12-04 Tony & Talia enjoy the festivities. IMG_2189.jpg
2011-12-04 You're never too old for a candy cane. IMG_2211.jpg
2011-12-04 IMG_0173.jpg
2011-12-07 Merry Christmas! ( l-r: Bill, Cindy, Larry, Ronnie, Leslie, Ginny, Loretta, Norma, Clif & Rich) at December meeting. IMG_0201.jpg