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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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2008 Society Photos

Images in chronological order.

Updated 2015-05-28.

Village Police check on us. 2008-01-12 DSC01190.jpg
2008-01-12 Norma & Fred put away the train set. DSC01182.jpg
2008-01-12 Mary & Fred take down the tree. DSC01185.jpg
2008-01-12 Fred volunteers his marker. DSC01187.jpg
2008-01-12 Larry taking the lights off. DSC01188.jpg
2008-01-20 Annual Meeting Flyer.
2008-01-20 Ranger Doc Bayne presents the history of the Sterling Forest iron industry. DSC01294.jpg
2008-01-20 Many follow up questions.DSC01324a.jpg
2008 Baseball Program Flyer
2008-04-05 Speaker Will Winn.
2008-04-12 Spring cleaning - Ed working on transom. DSC02234.jpg
2008-04-12 Spring cleaning. DSC02236.jpg
2008-04-12 Spring cleaning. DSC02240.jpg
2008-04-12 John cleaning ceiling lights. DSC02244.jpg
2008-04-20 Mary, Ronnie & Leslie hanging “Chester Through the Lens” exhibit. DSC02608.jpg
2008-04-20 Mary & Peter hanging “Chester Through the Lens” exhibit. DSC02614.jpg
2008-04-20 Ronnie, Leslie & Peter hanging “Chester Through the Lens” exhibit.DSC02616.jpg
2008-04-20 Mary & Fred hanging “Chester Through the Lens” exhibit. DSC02623.jpg
Ronnie & Mary hanging the “Chester Through the Lens” exhibit. April, 26, 2008. DSC00685.JPG
“Chester Through the Lens” Flyer.
2008-05-18 Prof. Hull discusses the history of the interior of the Staats House. DSC03447.jpg
2008-05-18 Arrow points to engraved date: S.G.S. 1700. DSC03455.jpg
2008-05-18 S.G.S. 1700.
2008-05-18. Society visits Staats House, the ivy covered stone portion under later additions. DSC03480.jpg
2008-06-08 Honey bee swarm. DSC04005.jpg
2008-06-08 Capture box in place. DSC04027a.jpg
2008-06-08 Marcel assists the stragglers into the box.DSC04065a.jpg
2008-06-14 Capture box full! Lid open for stragglers to join the swarm. DSC04097.jpg
2008-06-14 Yard Sale Flyer.
2008-06-14 Set-up started before 6:30 am! DSC04114.jpg
2008-06-14 Colleen setting-up. DSC04116.jpg
2008-06-14 Ready to open! DSC04121+2.jpg
2008-06-14 First Presybertian Church volunteers man the refreshment stand. DSC04123+4.jpg
2008-06-14 Shoppers. DSC04128a.jpg
2008-06-14 Larry & Judy handled the “village-side” checkout. DSC04940a.jpg
2008-06-14 Margie, Margie & Nancy handled the “Trackside” checkout. DSC04135.jpg
2008-06-14 A few items and lots of empty boxes for the cleanup crew. DSC04146.jpg
2008-06-14 Society Secretary, Norma presents award to Leslie, who handled most of the pricing throughout year in preparation of the annual yard sale. DSC04150a.jpg
2008-06-14 Society Secretary, Norma presents award to Town of Chester Historian, Clif, for his efforts in moving Yard Sale inventory. DSC04151a.jpg
2008-06-14 After a long, hot day, Ed Stoddard enjoys a cool drink of water. DSC04155.jpg
2008-09-12 President Mary presents “Top Worker” award to a humble Bill. DSC04957a.jpg
Donna & Mary enjoying the Station. June, 21, 2008. DSC04472a.JPG
Penny Social Flyer 2008.
2008-09-12 Fred, Larry& Debby greet people as they check in. DSC05146.jpg
2008-09-12 DSC05199.jpg
2008-09-12 DSC05202.jpg
2008-09-12 Rose & Ronnie are ready. DSC05230.jpg
2008-09-12 Marion & Eileen welcome Tillie as she arrives with her famed cheese cake! DSC05233.jpg
2008-09-12“We’re ready,” let the calling being. DSC05238.jpg
2008-09-12 Caller, Susan, welcomes everyone and introduces Cindy, the other caller.DSC05241.jpg
2008-09-12 Caller Cindy and her assistants are ready. DSC05242.jpg
2008-09-12 DSC05257.jpg
2008-09-12 DSC05271.jpg
2008-09-12 Enzo didn’t care to sit and wait for his number to be called. DSC05293.jpg
2008-09-12 DSC05312.jpg
2008-09-12 DSC05329.jpg
2008-09-12 DSC05334.jpg
2008-09-12 Refreshments were wonderful! Good enough to call home about! DSC05348.jpg
2008-09-12 Tillie wins one! DSC05371.jpg
2008-09-12 The last “Special” of the night delivered. DSC05401.jpg
2008-09-12 The final Door Prize ready to be called. DSC05416.jpg
2008-09-12 Eileen shows off her new windbreaker. DSC05438.jpg
2008-09-12 Ronnie & Rose help put the hall back into the way it was. DSC05453.jpg
2008-10-18 University of Utopian Direction comes to Chester for a day of spontaneous creativity. DSC06085.jpg
2008-10-18 DSC06068.jpg
2008-10-18 DSC06073.jpg
2008-10-18 DSC06074.jpg
2008-10-18 DSC06076.jpg
2008-10-18 DSC06080.jpg
2008-10-18 James: promoter, m/c and sings well. DSC06083.jpg
2008-10-18 Portraits done. DSC06096.jpg
2008-10-18 Heritage Trial users and passerby’s all invited. DSC06146.jpg
2008-10-18 DSC06148.jpg
2008-11-18 Norma presents Bruno a certificate of appreciation. DSC06613c.jpg
2008-11-18 Beth-Ann picks winning raffle tickets. DSC06624a.jpg
2008-11-18 Annual Dutch Treat Dinner at the Barnsider. DSC06631a.jpg
2008 Tree Lighting Flyer.
2008-12-07 MC Pat Marzo led the joyous caroling! DSC06848a.jpg
2008-12-07 Chester High School Glee Club sung beautifully, but in a tight circle.DSC06863a.jpg
2008-12-07 Some kids seamed reluctant to accept a candy cane from Santa. DSC06878a.jpg
2008-12-07 Santa offers President Mary a second candy cane. DSC06874a.jpg
2008-12-07 But Peter gets a get different response? DSC06877a.jpg
2008-12-07 Into the warmth of the station - standing room only! DSC07173a.jpg
2008-12-070 Enzo approves of Cindy’s cup cake cream topping as his mother Rachel looks on. DSC06892a.jpg
2008-12-07 Bellvale Community sang to an appreciating full house! DSC07199a.jpg
2008-12-07 Kids love the trains! DSC06901a.jpg
2008-12-07 Kids at heart love the trains, also! DSC06908a.jpg
2008-12-07 Everyone likes them! DSC06914a.jpg