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Orange County, New York

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A few items from the people of Chester. Roughly in chronological order.

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Updated 2016-05-01

E. Satterly manumits his slave, John. Obverse. May 30, 1815 chs-011858
The Children of Hector Craig Jr.. Artist unknown, oil on canvas. Circa 1840-1850. chs-000035
In Gainsville Florida: Dr. C.P. Smith, Sr. - driving; Nathaniel Thompson - chin covered up; John Knapp on front seat; Thaddeus Durland - rear with cap; Lewis Masterson on donkey. March, 1878 chs-006062
William I. Gaunt and daughter Caroline. 1885?chs-013812
The Jonathan H Board Family at Board Farm on West Ave. Circa 1889 chs-005523
Elfrida M Johnson. Circa 1890. chs-008243
Ruth Downing. Circa 1890. chs-008812
Ruth Durland Conklin Schiver. Circa 1890. chs-008244
Susan Seely Stevens, born 7/25/1820, died 5/5/1905. Circa 1890. chs-008276
"William A. Lawrence, Mayor of Chester, and one of her best business men, is the senior member of the firm of Lawrence & Durland, the largest manufacturers of the “Neufchatel" and "Star" brands of cream cheese in the United States." From Portrait and Biographical Record of Orange County. 1895. chs-005417
Claverack College letter to JB Tuthill. January 14, 1890 chs-010154
Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Banker from page 1453 of Portrait and Biographical Record of Orange County. 1895 chs-005884
The Original Conklin Team; some of the original business partners of George R. Conklin around the turn of the century: front row, George Strong, Warwick; George M. Roe, Chester; Mr. Conklin. Back row, George Sullivan, New Milford; John Cummins, Goshen; Zeal Paddleford, Monroe; Charles T. Mott, Vernon, N.J.; William J. Gaunt, Monroe. Circa 1900. chs-005356
Mrs. W. A. Lawrence (Mary (May) Murray). Circa 1900 chs-005517
Aunt Gassie Sawyer. Circa 1900 chs-007892
Charles & Marie Barrell iIn front of Walling’s residence on King’s Hwy in Sugar Loaf. Circa 1900 chs-001009
Peirre Lorillard from Tuxedo Park. Circa 1910 chs-003654
William I. Gaunt, circa 1910. chs-013813
Jesse Sawyer. Circa 1900. chs-007893
Mrs. Martha Durland Bodle sitting on porch & Mary Durland, standing in doorway. Circa 1900.chs-008870
At the Dennies. Back row beginning on left: Carrie Parkingson, Beatrice Tandy, E.L.B., Theresa Kreutz, Lena Cosman, Annie Gilchrist, Azile Denniston, Mollie S. Lrish, Mr. M.R. Denniston. Front row beginning at left: Nettie Hoyt, May Murray, Clara Wright, Frances Lewis, Mrs. M.R. Denniston, Mazir F. Ward, Ethel M. Frere, Uddie Denniston. June 1902 chs-007954
Champions of Orange County - 1905: Back row, left to right: Harry Littell, Mort Pierce, George Ryan, Charles (Charlie) A. Thompson, Bill O’Brien, Fred Murray, John Hunter. Front Row: Jerry Eagen, W. E. (Bill) Litell, William H. (Billy) Smith, Lou Fitzgerald. chs-006094
Jenny Wren Club. July 27, 1909 chs-004069
Over 100 yrs old. Circa 1910 chs-001049
Gentleman in Horseless Carriage #3824NJ. Circa 1910 chs-004067
Alfred Kronk Littell & his sled. Alfred grew up in Greycourt, where his parents operated the general store and Post Office. Alfred was born 1898. He moved to Newton, NJ, became a wholesale grocer and died in 1982.
Joe Boyle, Con Boyle, V. Braffitt (Victoria Braffett), J. Braffitt (Josephine Braffett), Mary Bradnick, Edna Van Rompye (Rompaye), Joe McDuff, about 1910. chs-005807
Obituary of Miss Clementine A Drake. Friday, January 6, 1911 chs-006228
Mrs. James (May) Murray at Brook Farm. 12/14/1915. chs-005810
Miss Julia Anna Davis & Mr. Edgar Lance Fritts Married June the seventh, nineteen hundred and sixteen. chs-010127
Harry Littell in his new 1914 car. Circa 1914. chs-004817
Mr. Edmond Butler with his agent, Mr. Phillip Le Brocq, at the Island Show. May 21, 1919 chs-007085
“Wild Bill” Lawrence in one of his, beloved home built race cars. Family lore claims he set a “Coast to Coast” in record in one of his Specials. Circa 1920. chs-013829
#31 Race Car; Driver: Fink. Believed to have been photographed at the Brook Farm track. circa 1920 chs-005370
Fishing in the meadows, circa 1920. chs-003544
Gypsies came every summer to trade horses, help local farmers harvest crops, sharpen tools, and be accused of stealing, etc. They often camped outside Sugar Loaf prior to World War II. 1920s or 1930s. chs-001051
Don Barrell dressed up with eggs. Don lived and worked on the Bairdlea Farm in Sugar Loaf, New York. Circa 1920. chs-001010
Seely Family Record 1667-1934. chs-006543
Grange skit at The Grange Patrons of Husbandry Hall. Left to right: Fred Storms; Bob Hulse; Frank Adams; Don Edwards; Ed McMunn; Hank Cathy Sr.; John Martin Edwards, presiding; ; Bill Lord, The Bride (aged 18 years), Leander Keeney; Fred Wilkin, The Groom;?; ?; Mrs. Rudy Craig, Marie Wilkins; Jane McMunn. 1946 chs-007695
Chester Drum & Bugle Corp.1st Row-front L to R: Pete Minneman, Laure Wycoff & Carol Hendrickson, Barbrara Mapes. 2nd Row: Barbera Walley, Penelope Smith, Stella Banick. August 18, 1956 chs-002010
Chester Grange. Left to right 1st row: (1) Unknown, Marie Wilkin, Jane McMunn, Edna Henderickson, Harriet LaForge, Myrtle Keeney, Virgina Demerest Decker, Ruth Holbert Writer, Eunice King. 2nd row: Fran Holomberg, Frances (Tic) Roe, Ruth Storms, ? Holbert, Bea Hawkins, ?, Helen Hulse, Marie Kropp Thompson, Circa 1960. chs-007693
Martha Bailey, Mrs. Fred Wilkin (Marie) and
Nan Wilkin Gallo in period costumes at the Hambletonian 100th Birthday Parade, in downtown Main Street, Chester. May 5, 1949. chs-001573
Snowmobiling Cavallaro kids: Robyn, Jacquelyn & Andrew. 1971 chs-007080
Bernie Hom overseeing roof repair of 1915 Erie Station. 1991 chs-005957
Brenda Hicks & Irving Rabinowitz Grand Opening of 1915 Erie Station, Chester’s Local History Museum. 12 June, 1999 chs-006556
Proud Grandparents - Mr. and Mrs. Harry Murray, Sr., Main Street Chester proudly sit with their twenty-two grandchildren. Thursday, July 16, 1964. chs-006151