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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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2012 Society Photos

Images in chronological order.

Updated 2015-05-31.

2012-01-15 Annual Meeting Flyer.
2012-01-15 Norma prepping for Annual Meeting. DSC03200.jpg
2012-01-15 New Treasurer, Cindy, giving her report at Annual Meeting. DSC03211.jpg
2012-01-15 Norma giving President’s Report Annual Meeting. DSC03213.jpg
2012-01-15 DSC03215.jpg
2012-01-15 Clif presenting “Chester’s Erie Station” Annual Meeting. DSC03218.jpg
Frank, Marcia & Ronnie pricing for Yard Sale. February 11, 2012. IMG_1334.JPG
2012-02-04 Peter DeFalco Memorial held at Station. chs-014161.jpg
2012-02-25 Now that is some cup cake! IMG_1539.jpg
2012-02-25 Yard Sale pricing crew Marcia, Ronnie & Leslie. IMG_1544.jpg
Bill & Norma cleaning up the Station Platform March 24, 2012. IMG_1993.JPG
Donderburgs Pumpkin Vine flyer. 2012-03
Ken Lifshitz reading from his book: ‘Donderburg’s Pumpkin Vine.’ March 24, 2012. IMG_2024.JPG
2012-04-13 Norma, BettyAnn & Tillie on expedition to the Board Burial Plot off the old Lazy Hill Road. IMG_2368.jpg
2012-04-13 Many hands tried to reassemble the shattered pieces. IMG_2390.jpg
2012-04-13 In Memory of Annas Board, wife of Cornelius Board who died Apr. 15 1845. IMG_2414.jpg
The Grace Murder Case.
2012-04-15 IMG_3890 Author Lisa Melville gave a presentation on the 1912 Grace Murder Case. IMG_3890.jpg
2012-04-15 Author Lisa Melville, 3rd from left, signs copies of her book for appreciative audience members. IMG_3892.jpg
2012-05-05 Civil War Flyer Opening Day.jpg
2012-05-05 IMG_4359 Jeff Albanese during his presentation.jpg
2012-05-05 IMG_4381 Jim Meaney speaks to guests; note orange ribbon on coat.jpg
2012-05-05 IMG_4396 Jim Meany in civil waar uniform, right talks with guests.jpg
Sign hung 2012-05-07. IMG_3069.jpg
2012-06-09 Yard Sale Flyer.
Cindy & Clif. 2012-06-09 DSC04815.jpg
2012-06-09 A happy shopper! DSC04824.jpg
2012-06-09 Tillie bags a purchase. IMG_3770.jpg
2012-06-09 Georgina, Rose, with pumpkin, & Phylllis. IMG_3771.jpg
2012-06-09 Jewelry shoppers kept Tracy & Cathy busy. IMG_3772.jpg
2012-06-09 Norma pinning name tag on Leslie as Marion observes. IMG_3780.jpg
2012-06-09 Chest of drawers about to head off to their new home. IMG_3796.jpg
2012-06-09 Yard Sale left overs. DSC04836.jpg
2012-09-07 Penny Social Flyer.
Norma, Debby-Lu & Lynn setting up for Penny Social. September, 7, 2012. IMG_5084.JPG
Larry, Ginny, Marcia & Lorraine setting up for Penny Social. September, 7, 2012. IIMG_5083.JPG
2012-09-07 IMG_5086.jpg
2012-10-07 Celebrate Orange County Railroad History! Flyer.jpg
2012-10-07 Scouts setting up. P1000186.jpg
2012-10-07 Allan & fellow scouts moving the L&HRR bell out. P1000190.jpg
2012-10-07 Ruth Stellwagen, holding a photo of her husband Jack, Boy Scout Alan Held, creator of the 4 markers. IMG_8443.jpg Article:
2012-10-07 Mr. Stellwagen, who took many of the RR photos that Alan used in his markers-extracted. IMG_8445.jpg
2012-10-07 Author Bob McCue & Amy Stellwagen. IMG_8447.jpg
2012-10-07 Orange County Parks Commissioner, Richard Rose; Town of Clarkstown Historian, Bob Knight; Judge Fred & Joan VanDerMuelen. IMG_8459.jpg
2012-10-07 Orange County Parks Commissioner, Richard Rose; Town of Clarkstown Historian, Bob Knight; Judge Fred VanDerMuelen; Carol R.; Jane R.; Judge Carol Klein.jpg
2012-10-07 Tillie; Orange County Parks Commissioner, Richard Rose; Alan Held; Mayor Phil Valastro, President Norma Stoddard. IMG_8464.jpg
2012-10-07 President Norma Stoddard presenting the Society's role in supporting Alan's project. P1000207.jpg
2012-10-07 Scoutmaster Scot Brown & Alan Held. IMG_8520.jpg
2012-10-07 The crowd at the Chester station listens to Alan Held's remarks about the project. Note: Chester Maker at far left, still veiled. Project included markers at Goshen, Greycourt and Monroe. Panorama1.jpg
2012-10-07 Veiled maker. P1000192.jpg
2012-10-07 IMG_8533 The crowd at the Chester station listens to Alan Held's remarks.jpg
2012-10-07 Alan Held unveils marker as his family (father Robert, mother Heidi and sister Emily) looks on. IMG_8560.jpg
2012-10-07 Kyle Roddey, Alan Held, Steve Neuhaus & Phil Valastro stand by the Chester Hisoric RR marker, made by Held. IMG_8570.jpg
2012-10-07 Chester Marker IMG_5265.jpg
2012-10-07 Greycourt Marker IMG_5198.jpg
2012-10-07 Monroe Marker. IMG_5200.jpg
2012-10-07 Goshen Marker IMG_5190.jpg
2012-10-07 Alan and Robert Held surrounded by O&W RR enthusiasts. IMG_8575.jpg
2012-10-07 Alan presenting talk on local railroads following dedication. P1000216.jpg
2012-10-07 Norma’s awesome RR cake. P1000178.jpg
2012-10-07 Proud mother & son. P1000198.jpg
2012-11-13 Raffle tickets.
2012-11-13 Barnsider server taking Ginny’s order, while Franks waits. IMG_5492.jpg
2012-11-13 The CHS Dutch Treat Dinner crowd! IMG_5493.jpg
Norma announces a winner as Marcia looks on 2012-11-13 IMG_5496.jpg
2012-11-13 Rob & Heidi pose. IMG_5497.jpg
2012-11-13 At the Barnsider: Loretta, Leslie, Frank & Ginny. IMG_5498.jpg
Debby Lu sets up her toy exhibit for December 2nd’s open house, 2012-11-18 IMG_5534.jpg
2012-11-18 Norma hangs wreath for December 2nd’s open house. IMG_5539.jpg
2012-11-18 Rob and Alan setting up thier antique trains for December 2nd’s open house. IMG_5545.jpg
2012-11-18 Ronnie adjusting the “Fab Four” for December 2nd’s open house display. IMG_5557.jpg
2012-11-18 Alan checking out the operation of his antique train for December 2nd’s open house with mother, Heidi, looking on. IMG_5565.jpg
2012-11-27 Jim (in bucket), Norma & Ed. IMG_5688.jpg
2012-11-27 Jim at top of tree. IMG_5690.jpg
2012-11-27 Truck courtesy of Greenwood Tree Service! IMG_5691x1200.jpg
2012-11-27 Ed & Norma untangling and playing out light string to Jim. IMG_5696.jpg
2012-11-27 Norma untangling as Ed sends light string up to Jim. IMG_5699.jpg
2012-11-27 Jim. IMG_5703.jpg
2012-12-02 Holiday flyer.
2012-12-02 IMG_5751.jpg
2012-12-02 IMG_5753.jpg
2012-12-02 Chronicle reporter, Ginny, taking photos and doing interviews. IMG_5757.jpg
2012-12-02 IMG_5759.jpg
2012-12-02 IMG_5760.jpg
2012-12-02 IMG_5761.jpg
2012-12-02 IMG_5764.jpg
2012-12-02 IMG_5765.jpg
2012-12-02 IMG_5781.jpg
2012-12-02 IMG_5784.jpg
2012-12-02 IMG_5787.jpg
2012-12-02 IMG_5794.jpg
2012-12-02 The Vadala Family Hess display appreciated by kids of all ages. IMG_5795.jpg
2012-12-02 Allan & Rob Held's antique trains were the hit of the interior displays! IMG_5805.jpg
2012-12-02 IMG_5751
Allan running his antique trains to an eager audience. IMG_5807.jpg