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Chester Historical Society

Orange County, New York

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2006 Society Photos

Images in chronological order.

Updated 2015-05-12.

2006-01-15 CHS Annual Meeting Flyer.jpg
2006-01-15 Present Bill presents his last Annual Report to the membership. DSC01558c.jpg
2006-01-05 DSC01573.jpg
2006-01-15 Featured speaker Ken Liftzshitz at CHS Annual Meeting DSC01563a.jpg
2006-01-15 CHS Annual Meeting DSC01553.jpg
Tom, Larry, Mary, Leslie & Norma hanging the "Young Chester Artists" exhibit. May 3, 2006. DSC04113r.jpg
2006-01-15 Fred, Loretta, Monica & korma enjoying the refreshments. DSC01579.jpg
2006-02-14 The Love in the Cabin Flyer.jpg
2006-02-14 DSC02832.jpg
2006-02-14 DSC02839a.jpg
2006-02-14 DSC02846.jpg
2006-02-14 DSC02868.jpg
2006-02-14 DSC02907a.jpg
2006-02-14 DSC02922.jpg
2006-02-14 DSC02939.jpg
2006-03-06 Field trip to Sandy Johnson's Farm DSC02463a.jpg
2006-03-18 Field Trip to Dutchess Quarry Caves. DSC02636a.jpg
2006-03-18 Mary & Norma on Field Trip to Dutchess Quarry Caves. DSC02640a.jpg
2006-03-18 Chronicle Editor, Pam takes cover photo for March 24, 2006 issue on Field Trip to Dutchess Quarry Caves. DSC02683.jpg
2006-03-18 Field Trip to Dutchess Quarry Caves. DSC02712.jpg
2006-03-18 Field Trip to Dutchess Quarry Caves. DSC02743.jpg
2006-03-18 Dutchess Quarry Cave detail. DSC02750.jpg
2006-03-18 Bob waiting to climb out at end of Field Trip to Dutchess Quarry Caves. DSC02768.jpg
2006-04-01 Spring cleaning. DSC03305.jpg
2006-04-01 Spring cleaning. DSC03306.jpg
2006-04-01 Spring cleaning. DSC03307.jpg
2006-05-06 Garrett at work in the western gardens. DSC04345.jpg
2006-05-06 Tom tending the western gardens. DSC04327.jpg
2006-05-06 Mayor, Susan addressing the crowd. DSC04301.jpg
2006-05-06 Village Historian, Lorraine unviels historic marker. DSC04312.jpg
1915 Erie Depot Historic Marker.jpg
2006-05-06 "Young Chester Artists" exhibit opening. DSC04331.jpg
2006-05-06 DSC04336.jpg
2006-05-06 "Young Chester Artists" exhibit opening. DSC04340.jpg
2006-05-06 President Mary with teacher & Librarian, Amanda. DSC04330.jpg
2006-05-06 "Young Chester Artists" exhibit opening. DSC04353.jpg
2006-05-06 "Young Chester Artists" exhibit opening. DSC04357.jpg
2006-05-06 Young Chester Artist, Amanda. DSC04328.jpg
2006-05-06 Young Chester Artist, Mary. DSC04339.jpg
2006-05-06 Young Chester Artist, Andrew. DSC04349.jpg
2006-05-06 Tom, Fred, Mary, Norma, Leslie, Lorraine & Clif. DSC04369.jpg
2006-05-06 Town Supervisor, Bill admiring flowers at Station entrance. DSC04322.jpg
2006-05-06 TDSC04377.jpg
Clif unloading items for Yard Sale. June 5, 2006. EPSN0214.JPG
John bring out Yard Sale stock. June 10, 2006
2006-06-10 Yard Saele shoppers.
2006-09-05 Roof tile storage shelves collapse in basement! DSC07778.jpg
2006-09-05 President Mary picking up one of the last of the fallen roof tiles. Several cans of paint were busted open by the fall. DSC07791.jpg
2006-09-08 Penny SocialFlyer.jpg
2006-09-08 Leslie & Larry arraigning the tables. DSC07797.jpg
2006-09-08 Lorraine DSC07803.jpg
2006-09-08 Marian DSC07808.jpg
2006-09-08 Doors opened at 6 pm. DSC07850.jpg
2006-09-08 Depositing Door Prize tickets was the first stop! DSC07859.jpg
2006-09-08 Another winner! DSC07991.jpg
2006-09-08 DSC07998.jpg
2006-09-08 Eileen calls a Teddy Bear DSC08012.jpg
2006-09-08 He's a winner! DSC08014.jpg
2006-09-08 Justice Janet receive a basket of yarn DSC08028.jpg
2006-09-08 Mary presents a "special" prize. DSC08027.jpg
2006-09-08 Mayor Susan calls a wininng number. DSC07933.jpg
2006-09-08 Norma & Eileen DSC07854.jpg
2006-09-08 Not everyone was interested in the calling! DSC08022.jpg
2006-09-08 Numbers checked, prize deliveried. DSC07996.jpg
2006-09-08 President Mary pulls a "special" winner. DSC07920.jpg
2006-09-08 So many choices. DSC07865.jpg
2006-09-08 Specials table DSC07875.jpg
2006-09-08 Tekla receives her prize from a serious presenter. DSC08004.jpg
2006-09-08 The flowers were a very sought after prize. DSC08006.jpg
2006-09-08 The toys table was very popular.DSC07877.jpg
2006-09-08 Fred (right) finally gets a break and the guests prepare to leave. DSC08035.jpg
2006-10-04 Ed, Rod & Fred at October business meeting. ejm.jpg
2006-10-04 Eileen, Judy & Mary at October business meeting. ejm.jpg
2006-10-14 Friends of the Library Cooking Demo.jpg
2006-11-14 DSC00046.jpg
2006-11-14 DSC00044.jpg
2006-11-14 DSC00041.jpg
2006-11-20 Norma presents gift certificate to Margaret.jpg
2006-11-15 -DeDonna.jpg
2006-11-21 Bill stringing lights on Station DSC00049.jpg
2006-11-21 DSC00227.jpg
2006-11-28 DSC00222.jpg
2006-12-02 DSC00251a.jpg
2006-12-02 DSC00257a.jpg
2006-12-03 Tree Lighting Flyer.jpg
2006-12-03 DSC00293a.jpg
2006-12-03 DSC00296a.jpg
2006-12-03 DSC00300a.jpg
2006-12-03 DSC00309a.jpg
2006-12-03 DSC00316a.jpg
2006-12-03 DSC00325a.jpg
2006-12-03 DSC00332a.jpg
2006-12-03 DSC00339a.jpg
2006-12-03 DSC00341a.jpg
2006-12-03 DSC00364a.jpg
2006-12-03 DSC00372a.jpg
2006-12-03 DSC00393a.jpg
2006-12-06 DSC00398.jpg