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Chester's Fire Deparments & Ambulance Corp.

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Updated 2015-06-26.

Firemen gathered at St. Elmo Hotel, Goshen, NY. Circa 1900 chs-004784
Chester Academy fire! April 9, 1906 .chs-001376
Chester Cable Fire, formerly the Chester High School on University Heights, Oakland Ave. 1948 chs-001583
Firemen parading early Fire Car. September, 1958 chs-003790
The new Chester Fire District Ambulance in front of the old Walton Hose Fire house. ~1955. chs-001076
Chester Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Circa 1960 (Front row left to right: William D. Lord, Joseph Verbert, John M Edwards, Vincent Gallo, Leander D Keeney, Jack McGrath, Fred Wilkin, Henry Lutjens, Joe Roach, Wm Bahren.
Back Row: Terry VanDerHoef (O'Merea), Lorraine Potter (Hom), Ruth Smith, Dorothy Magie, Mildred Kronkyte, Anna Wilkin, Marjorie Gallo, Fred Wilkin Sr.) csh-007094
First Meeting of the Sugar Loaf Engine Company. Charter Members - Standing Left to Right, Raymond Gailie, Mark Laroe,
Edward Krzynowek, Richard Banker, Sam Vance, John VanDeWeert, Howard Vance, Robert Banker, William Scott, Frank Fitcher, Leonard Baird, Willard VanDuzer, James Van Orden, James Laroe. Seated, Chester Fire Department Chief Pete Otterstedt, Chaplain Fred Lange, Secretary John Murphy, President Burnett Bliven, Treasurer William Eich, Member and Fire Commissioner Donald Barrell. April 20, 1955 chs-006568
Sugar Loaf Engine Co. (Pictured: Bob Palumbo, Capt. Chris Schenk, Chief Dave Knapp, Greg Schmid, Lenny Knapp, Spencer Effron, Pres. Bill Schilling, Dave Neaverth.) 1997 chs-006572
Trout Brook Fire House. 1990s chs-001580
Built by Theodore A. Miller at a net cost of $4440, the Corporation Building was the first Chester firehouse, and home of Walton Hose Co., dedicated August 10, 1896. PCchs-001277
Frank Durland, a member of the Walton Hose Company Fireman's Exempt Certificate. May 16, 1899 (Provided exemption from jury, duty for 10 years.) chs-010684
Frank Green, Alfred Thompson and ? leaving Walton Hose Co. Fire House for the 1914 Parade in Middletown, NY. chs-000120
Walton Hose Company on parade, 1916. chs-00059
Walton Hose Co, with American LaFrance Pumper (Six Cylinder Motor with Rotary Gear Motor) 1923. chs-000121
Walton Hose Co. firemen pulling hose cart in 100th Hambletonian Anniversary Parade: Bill Lord - head bent down; Johnny I. Edwards - behind Bill Lord; Patrick Bailey - on Johhny's right; Bob Murray - behind hose cart (seen to left of Patrick Bailey) Thursday May 5, 1949 chs-003447
Ken Beson's Walton Engine & Hose Co., Inc.
90th Anniversary Mug. 1983 chs-006138
Walton Engine & Hose Co. 1893-1993 100th Anniversary Mug. chs-006139
Walton Hose Co. Fire House.1995 chs-001581
Walton Hose Firemen assembled for Decoration Day 1952. chs-000113
59 Walton Hose Company 1916.jpg
Walton Hose Company, Decoration Day 1952. chs-000113
Ambulance. About 1955. chs-001076
Band Stand opposite Corporation Building. 1895. chs-001472
Sugar Loaf Engine Company. 1997. chs-006572